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Meat Free Menu

Caffe No3 goes Meat Free


As many already know Caffé No 3 has for a long time been reducing meat and expanding our vegan and vegetarian range; which now takes up a large part of our menu.

I have made the decision to take meat totally off the menu from when we re-open after Christmas on 2nd January.

As a vegan I have struggled with not aligning my moral beliefs with running my business; I hope with on-going support from regulars and new customers that I’ll be able to take vegetarian off the menu in the future and make the whole Caffé Vegan… However, on saying this 90% of the menu will be vegan…
I have purchased lots of new equipment that has never had meat on it, including our shiny new panini press… the oven is being professionally cleaned… new boards etc. Be assured all fellow Vegans that vegetarian food is prepared totally separate to vegan food.

I am mindful that for many customers this will be a challenge, however; I have to make moves to allow me peace of mind and to eventually change the caffé to fully vegan. It would be sad to lose customers, however, I totally understand that people have the right to spend their money where they wish.
We will of course continue to be as environmentally friendly as we can, from our biodegradable and compostable cups and containers to our eco everyday products we use. Our veg and fruit scraps and our coffee grounds all go for composting.

Watch out for our Veganuary deals, we have various dairy alternatives at no extra cost and hopefully this will encourage customers to try these…

Thank-you for taking time to read this and for all the support we have had so far, and for your support in the future. Please help us in being here for many more years to come by sharing this and other posts… it’s only with support we can make not just changes for local businesses being successful, but for the bigger picture which is ultimately for the animals.

Warm regards, Tracy and the Caffé No 3 team