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Extra Risk Management Regarding COVID-19


The extra steps we are taking are:

We have taken all cutlery away so this has to be handed over by a member of staff.

Books and magazines have been removed.

Tap water is available by the glass, ask a member of staff please.

Customers are encouraged to pay by contactless when possible.

A bin is available in the customer area for customers to dispose of tissues, wipes etc.

Hand sanitizer is available to use, however we would encourage customers to use hand washing facility when entering.

What we are already doing:

We hold a 5* food hygiene rating with processes in place that maintain that rating. In addition:

We are disinfecting tables and chairs after each customer has left. We have asked customers to wait until this is done and people have really appreciated this and totally understood,

Door handles and other areas of the shop are sanitized even more regularly throughout the day.

We are washing our hands even more frequently and spending longer doing it.

What can you do to help?

As mentioned, Please wash your hands, we have a customer bathroom available. Use available bins for tissues and wipes.

The measures we are taking could mean the speed of our service is reduced, we understand this can be frustrating but would appreciate your patience.

I would like to add, we are a small independent caffé and we are looking at everything we can do to reduce overheads etc to hopefully survive this hard time … we really appreciate your support we want like all other business owners to survive this virus and have a future. Please where possible support us, however, if you have any symptoms please follow government guidelines and we hope to see you at a later date..
Stay safe,

Tracy x

Caffé No 3